Saturday, August 26, 2023

Kickstarter - Monsters! Monsters! Rules 2.7 & Crystal Caves Challenge solo

Yes, Kickstarters have been a frequent theme here, and the scary thing is, each of the ones I've highlighted in the past week I'm also backing. I need to make a list of Big Box Games I'll be donating to ShireCon, simply to make room for more recent acquisitions (I know there was a rumor last summer, being passed around by some that don't follow The Tavern on a regular basis but like to believe rumors, that I was downsizing my game collection due to "financial constraints". The truth was, and still is, I'm dealing with "space constraints", and there's a shit-ton of gaming material that can fit where one OGRE Kickstarter Box is right now. I am like most of my readers, still actively collecting. These donations are part of the current "decluttering" Rach and I are currently in the middle of. It is neither a simple nor short process, but it IS well worth the effort.)

I'm really excited to see the updated Monsters! Monsters! rulebook being released, and spiral bound at that. I'm a licensee to publish under the Monster! Monster! rules, but other events (not the least of which is figuring out how to get Continual Light out the door with the OGL still in flux for the 3.5 SRD) have kept that from getting completed in a timely fashion. Don't let anyone tell you that retirement doesn't have its own time constraints :)

In any case, just like I'm a huge Tunnels & Trolls fan (still waiting on an update as to what the new owners of the ruleset have planned), Monsters! Monsters! is becoming very much a refined T&T "what if" ruleset, as in "what if the system wasn't human-centric, but rather monster-centric?" I'm really enjoying the Monsters! Monsters! rules, and I'm excited to get my hands on the update.

There are numerous options to back the Monsters! Monsters! Rules 2.7 Kickstarter. I'm backing at the "kitchen sink" level, but remember, I'm a huge fan of T&T, M!M!, and related goodness. 38 bucks get you a wire-bound copy of Monsters! Monsters! 2.7, but you can get for less in PDF, or pay more for more options.

What's in this Kickstarter:  We have three rpg books, one is Trollgod's Crystal Cave Caverns and the 2.7th edition of the Monsters!Monsters! Rules. PLUS we are offering a limited edition of the never-before-seen 1976 Zero Edition of Monsters! Monsters! We also have some add-ons including a new set of standees and a new full-color adventure map and a couple more surprises,  You can buy either book separately or get them both at a discounted price. 

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