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Hear Me Out: TTRPG Achievements


Hear Me Out: TTRPG Achievements
So this last week I've been playing Minecraft off and on, deciding to go back to a Survival world I'd pretty much abandoned because I was an idiot who let the Wither loose in the Nether. I thought maybe if I let loose a bunch of Iron Golems they'd take care of it, but no....

....after a few (more) character deaths, and loosing a bunch more "leveled" gear, I decided I'd enlist some help, which I haven't done yet, but while I'm waiting for that help I've spent my time screwing around and I was surprised when I was awarded a Diamond Achievement, which means I managed something that less than 10% of players have done.

Cool...cool. While I'm screwing around, why not work towards some more achievements. Some were easier than others, just because the crap I've been doing....like my home base has a huge "aquarium" I built that has a full-up conduit, which means my "character", as it were, is able to breath underwater. Spend an in-game day underwater and ding! another Diamond Achievement (0.78% of players).

This got me to thinking that it'd be cool if we had achievements for table-top RPGs. Now I know darned well that this would be a HUGE ask of our community because I could see this being fractured beyond belief, but at a table/GM level....very doable. If it was actually a community thing then we could get something that looks like a cohesive art style across achievements, but right now....we just got me.

I spent a few hours, probably waaaaay too long, trying to come up with 600dpi 1" .png's for the 20 19 (I accidentally listed one twice) Achievements I came up with. I stopped a little more than halfway because it was more than a Sunday morning's work. Clearly I took some liberties with the graphic ideas, but not all:

Designated Survivor Achievement

(20 points) Designated Survivor:
Bravely ran away as the only party survivor from a fight you couldn't win.

Flawless Victory Achievement

(5 points) Flawless Victory:
Win a combat encounter without any of your allies taking damage.

Resourceful Fighter Achievement

(5 points) Resourceful Fighter:
Defeat an enemy using improvised weapons or environmental objects.

Avenger Achievement

(10 points) Avenger:
In a subsequent battle, defeat an enemy who had previously killed a party member.

Revenger Achievement

(20 points) Revenger:
In a subsequent battle, defeat an enemy who had previously killed your PC.

Jester Achievement

 (10 points) Jester:
Successfully stop the game for 1' because you lightened the mood with your witty repertoire.

Highlander Achievement

(20 points) Highlander:
There can be only one.....be the lone survivor of the battle.

Melee Master Achievement

(5 points) Melee Master:
Win a battle using only melee attacks, without an party member relying on ranged attacks or spellcraft.

No Mercy Achievement

(5 points) No Mercy:
Defeat an enemy while they are incapacitated or at a disadvantage.

Lost and Found Achievement

(5 points) Lost and Found:
Return to a location you've been to more than a month before and discover a hidden treasure.

Underground Achievement

(10 points) Underground Adventurer:
Spend more than a month of in-game time underground.

Death's Door Achievement

(20 points) Death's Door:
Survive a combat encounter with only 1 hit point remaining.

(20 points) Critical Master: Land three critical hits in a single combat encounter.

(20 points) Living Legend: Have a character make Name Level.

(5 points) Silent Negotiator: Resolve a significant conflict without resorting to combat, using only your words and diplomacy.

(20 points) Take One for the Team: Place yourself in harm's way and take a wound that would've killed another party member.

(20 points) Campaign Chronicler: Keep a detailed in-character journal or diary chronicling the party's adventures for an entire year's time (in or out of game).

(10 points) Divine Inspiration: Role-play a conversation with a deity, and survive the experience.

(10 points) Linguist: Fluently converse in five or more fictional languages during a single game session.


Obviously this is just and idea, and only a start, but I'm thinking of these achievements kind of as a counter to the GM Kill Stickers I've made to adorn my GM Shield.


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