Friday, July 7, 2023

Kickstarter - Castle of the Mad Archmage™ 10th Anniversary Edition

I ran a monthly session of the original Castle of the Mad Archmage for the better part of a year with the infamous "B-Team". We had a blast! As fun house mega-dungeons go, it is one of the, if not THE, best. I've also known Joe Bloch for years and consider Joe a good friend. We've had him as a guest on The Talking Crit Livestream! multiple times.

Currently, Joe is Kickstarting Castle of the Mad Archmage™ 10th Anniversary Edition, which is an update to the original CotMA.

You can back for the CotMA PDF at $20, Print Plus PDF at $100 plus shipping, and there is also a POD version for those outside the US.

In this special work, you'll find:

  • All 13+ core levels from the original published Castle
  • The Castle Environs, depicting the lands around the castle ruins
  • Level 3-A, the Black Lake
  • Level 3 East, the Museum and the Watery Caves
  • Level 4 South, the Gardens
  • Level 9 West, the Brumal Realm

Everything will be contained in a single volume, including redrawn maps and the art from the original version of the Castle, as well as new art produced for this edition. 

This will be a very limited edition. Each copy of the hardcover book will be numbered and signed, and this Decennial edition of the book will only be available during this Kickstarter. This will not be available in stores, and each backer will be limited to 2 copies. Please note that this is an OSR adventure setting; no version for other games or editions is available.

(A new edition of the core levels will be released at a later date, but it will not have Level 3 East, Level 4 South, or Level 9 West integrated into the other levels, and is not available through this Kickstarter.)

The book is written. Money raised will help pay for editing and art.

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