Sunday, July 23, 2023

Got a New Toy For My Game Table/Game Prep

Got a New Toy For My Game Table/Game Prep
So this last week I bought myself a new toy that I hope to use at the gaming table, more for prep/adventure design, but I'm starting to see how it might be useful during a game (especially if online).

So I managed to find this Wacom One drawing tablet at Sam's Club while on a business trip and it was like $20 more new than picking up a used one directly from Wacom.

I've tried an old drawing tablet that was basically a mouse pad that your could draw on, but you had to see everything on your monitor and frankly it just didn't work out for me. The Wacom One is a 13.3" secondary screen that you can use a pen like a mouse. 

I'm sure everyone probably has a clue what drawing tablet is, so the real question (as if there was one) is why would I think this is possibly a good GM tool. First off, I plan on using it normally like anyone else would...to work on my maps and assorted game-related graphics. Yeah, I know....that's a big "duh". 

Wacom One Tablet

Half the reason I got this, is that the tablet is essentially a second screen and since I play most of my recent games online and having that second screen that I can easily draw on is rather appealing. I don't know how many times I've needed to add some notation and I'm fumbling around with the fricken mouse, where a stylus would be sooooooo easy. As a GM though, being able to share a second screen with that same level of stylus editing.....

I don't know how many people here have tried the assorted Virtual Table Tops, but some will let you run two instances on one computer. With a second screen and stylus input I could have the GM screen on my laptop and also be logged in as a player (NPC, torchbearer.....hell, even a torch), which can be super helpful, probably depending on the program. I have found it useful to be able to see things as a player/through the player's "eyes".

I do have other monitors, even an ultra-thin portable monitor that's a bit bigger than this tablet, but the air-mouse that is the stylus is a huge draw......probably more of one than I realize. Hopefully some other patrons here can fill me in on some other uses I'm not even thinking of yet.

I'm already starting on my next Tweak and Toss adventure, but if I'm having fun with this new toy I might pivot a bit and just work on something else......time will tell. 

Seriously though....if there is something else I can do with this thing, I'd love to hear about it. I do love my toys and if I can more mileage out of them....


  1. I got the mousepad version and installed Krita, thinking I might make my own VTT tokens. Haven't gotten to it yet though. Add it my to-do list along with painting all those figures, and cleaning out my hard drive.


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