Friday, July 28, 2023

Deal of the Day - Bad Things Happen (OSR)

Today's Deal of the Day is Bad Things Happen for 2.99, normally 4.99 in PDF.

Bad Things Happen is a compilation of tables and rules to inspire DMs as well as solo players: using this book, discover what twists and turns the characters will have to face next.

With this 54 pages supplement, generate all the bad things that happen to the characters, whether they are exploring a dungeon, camping in the wilderness, visiting a city or playing with magic. Tables about other themes such as sea travel and weapons are also provided in the last pages.

This book is medieval-fantasy oriented and is meant to be used with your favorite OSR ruleset and bestiary.

This book is divided in five chapters that each contain various tables and rules:


  • What happens when the PCs run out of light in the dungeon?*
  • Serious injuries, dark inclinations, phobia and strange encounters
  • What happened to the hirelings while the PCs were in the dungeon?
  • Alternatives to death depending on who/what defeated the PCs
  • Why is the replacement PC in the dungeon?


  • What happens when the PCs cannot make it back to safety?*
  • Illnesses, strange encounters, things that should not be eaten and food poisoning
  • Traps (type, concealment, purpose)


  • Eating monsters and potential side effects
  • Wild animals encounters (day and night)
  • Kingdom-sized encounters


  • What happens when the PCs are lost in the city at night?*
  • Problems when walking down the street
  • Buildings hazards
  • Scams to avoid
  • City events
  • Strange laws and customs
  • False rumors
  • Why does the ruler hate the PCs so much?
  • Crimes to be wrongly accused of
  • Cellmates to meet


  • Magic corruption (caster and environment)
  • Spell mishaps


  • Sea voyage incidents
  • Bad omens
  • How to get rid of bad luck
  • Haunted locations
  • Weapons critical hits and misses
  • Armors troubles


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