Friday, June 2, 2023

NTRPG Con - MCC Did a Job on Me, Now I am a Real Mutie!

Today is Day 2 of NTRPG Con, and it started early for us. There was a podcaster breakfast at 7 am (ungodly time if you ask me), but we made it by around 730. Great bunch of folks and always great to get some Facetime in with other casters in the community.

After breakfast, Rach and I napped until our noon MCC RPG session - Hail Ceaser Salad! run by Ian McGarty. It was an extremely entertaining and fun funnel. Funnels work well as convention sessions - character death becomes part of the fun. 

We had well over a dozen character deaths among the players - Rach and I only had one death each time for (pure luck), but others burned through their sheets and had to grab a second ;)

We have another livestream tonight!


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