Saturday, June 3, 2023

NTRPG Con Day 3 - Top Secret With Merle Rasmussen

This morning at 8 AM, Rach and I played in a Top Secret: New World Order session with Merle Rasmussen. Too early to normally be awake and fed, but worth it to play with Mr. Top Secret himself.

Our team was sent to recover a nuclear bomb lost in the Aussie Outback over 60 years ago, a Broken Arrow mission. Needless to say, we went off script in unexpected directions as a group, but Merle handled us well.

As is usual with Merle, Legos were involved ;)

Afterward, there was a Small Publishers seminar by Zach Glazar and Skeeter Green. Well done and informative.

Did I mention Steve Marsh and I caught up after the seminar? Note, the pic is from earlier in the con ;)

Next up - Awards & Auction

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