Sunday, June 4, 2023

NTRPG Con - Its a Wrap!

It's pretty much a wrap here at NTRPG Con. All that is left is the final goodbyes, to be said at the hotel bar in a few, after a few drinks and then heading off to bed. We need to catch the 7 am shuttle to the airport in the morning.

To say NTRPG Con was amazing this year would be an understatement. It broke attendance records - 517 attendees if I recall correctly - and more first-timers than I can ever remember. 

A reoccurring note from the new attendees? Even for first-timers, NTRPG Con is like being with family. The environment is relaxed, the people are welcoming, the OSR vibe is strong as hell, and the weekend went by way too fast. Isn't that always the way.

As an aside, I met well over a dozen attendees that told me not only was this their first time at NTRPG Con, but that they learned about the con due to The Tavern's YouTube Channel. Now THAT is a good use of one's influence ;)

If I have one regret, it's that I didn't get pics with all of the people I wish I had. James Raggi and Courtney Campbell are at the top of my "missed pics list", but there are others. Still, I got some quality time in with both, so my complaints are minimal. Heh!

So glad I finally caught up with Kelsey Dionne of ShadowDark fame and fortune today, after a weekend of the two of us constantly missing each other. Just as awesome in person as she is online, if not more so. Her wife is pretty cool too! Look for more ShadowDark coverage on the blog and the YouTube Channel, and hopefully a return of Kelsey for another Talking Crit Live. There is simply so much for us to talk about.

Got to meet Aaron Koelman face-to-face for the first time. Simply an amazing man. I truly appreciate everything this community has done to support Aaron and his family in these difficult times. We connect on many levels, and for that, I consider myself blessed.

Alright, time for a mini-photo dump:

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  1. That's cool. I hope to meet and take a pic with James Raggi IV, someday.


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