Saturday, March 11, 2023

Humble Bundle - Castles & Crusades from Troll Lord Games

Seek gold and glory in worlds filled with treasure-hoarding dragons, terrifying undead, and creatures of legend in Troll Lord Games’ tabletop RPG Castles & Crusades!

Castles & Crusades was the first OSR game I found, finding the C&C Players Handbook for less than 10 bucks over at Buy.com.

It's a very solid system, plays very well, and has tons of support. It reminds me very much of AD&D 1e in its feel and play.

You can get the complete Castles & Crusades Bundle, 37 items, for 18 bucks.

If you want to check out the C&C Players Handbook, you can snag it for free in PDF at the Troll Lord's website.

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