Monday, February 27, 2023


An RPG zine for all systems and none.

I love the guys from Silver Bulette. Seriously. In a completely platonic manner. :)

All of the Silver Bulette releases have a certain raw energy to them, with a willingness to not be what one might expect. Or something to that effect, it's hard to explain. heh

For example, look at the cover above by Chet Milton. It looks very familiar, and it should, and yet the more you look at it, the more you discover. Hidden pieces, and punchlines to jokes you may not have heard yet, but when you do, it morphs to another level. That's kinda my expectation with Fantastic Geographic #3.

We will be printing a 48 page digest sized 'zine.

This issue of Fantastic Geographic focuses on the theme of languages. You will find articles on:

  • Riddles and their use
  • Ciphers and how to include them effectively
  • An adventure set in a library
  • An adventurer for 5E involving a missing ticket, a forger, and a hermit in the woods
  • New magic items from McEwan's Mercantile
  • ..and more!

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