Friday, March 3, 2023

Kickstarter - The Village of Omelette a DuckQuest Adventure

The Village of Omelette is a homage to the legendary EGG. A duckly humorous adventure set in the wondrous, wacky world of AquaLoonia

If you don't take your fantasy with a bit of silly at times, you're missing out on a nice change of pace. Silly with a dose of realism, or vice versa, can really strike home. Thus it is with DuckQuest and The Village of Omelette.

My first knowledge of Ducks as characters in an RPG was in the old RuneQuest RPG books. Played straight, but also silly as hell, DuckQuest is a homage to those old RuneQuest adventures with ducks, and possibly even Howard the Duck. The Village of Omelette is a homage to the Village of Homlett by EGG. Homeages within homages ;)

You can snag The Village of Omelette for about 10 bucks US in PDF on Kickstarter.

Remember the old days when adventuring was fun? You set off from the village in the morning to explore the nearby ruins, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, to discover if the tales whispered in the tavern the night before were true. Welcome to Omelette, a quirky little village nestled in rolling hills a few leagues north of the Temple of Eggsistential Ennui. The villagers are keen to see what the adventurers will find, and are placing bets on who will come back in one piece. Will it be the bold knight, the clever tinker rogue, the eggcentric lizard wizzard, or the bawdy bionic bard?

The Village of Omelette

The Village of Omelette is an Adventure Zine for the tabletop roleplaying game DuckQuest, but is easily adapted to other classic RPGs. This digital release is part of Zine Quest 2023, supporting the Table Top Roleplaying Games Community globally. Join in the fun! Bring The Village of Omelette to life by backing with some ducats, and sharing the adventure with your friends!


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