Saturday, March 4, 2023

Kickstarter - Hârn World: Medieval Fantasy RPG SETTING Hardback

was the second setting I found for use with AD&D IE, after the Greyhawk Folio. Harn was very different from Greyhawk because even though it was fictional, it felt very authentic. Where Greyhawk was fantastical, Harn was realistic. Harn was/is also systemless, so it could fit AD&D as easily as it could fit RuneQuest or Rolemaster, or any other fantasy RPG system.

Columbia Games is still publishing Harn, and hasn't moved the default timeline since the initial release, so your original material from the 1980s is still valid and usable with today's content.

Currently, Columbia Games is Kickstarting Hârn World: Medieval Fantasy RPG SETTING Hardback (and you also get the PDF). What exactly is included with your $69 pledge?

Not sure?

The HârnWorld Starter Kit includes HarnWorld and the Kingdom of Kaldor for 9.99 (full retail separately would be 69.98 - Harn's PDFs are not cheap)

I'm backing the KS at 69 bucks. I already have the current version of HarnWorld in PDF, but I don't have the Kingdom of Kaldor, and the bundle price is 75% of the price of that PDF alone, so I may be grabbing that too.

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