Saturday, January 28, 2023

State of The Tavern - Coming Up For Air & Is This Reality?

It's been a long couple of weeks, and I'm not just talking WotC's ability to literally burn off two decades of goodwill it has built with the gaming community in just over two weeks.

Yes, WotC's stupidity has cost me weeks of proper sleep, as I've been covering the fiasco pretty much daily over on The Tavern's Youtube channel, as well as keeping counsel with, and on occasions, providing council for, my publishing friends in the OSR and beyond.

Yesterday's piece of good news almost seems too good - OGL 1.0(a) is not currently being de-authorized (let's see how long that holds for), but the 5.1 SRD has now been released into the Creative Commons licensing scheme, and that's something WotC CAN'T suddenly change its mind about.

I haven't even mentioned events on a more personal level, most recently including daily, afternoon-long visits with a close personal friend of Rach and me who is on home hospice, and will be until... well, you know, the inevitable comes.

So, I've neglected some things, especially emails. Specifically, OSR Christmas gifts and some GCs from last Wednesday's live stream.

Rach and I have a livestream tonight at 8 PM Eastern. After the livestream, I'm poring a glass of red wine and delving into the email abyss. Hopefully, I'll come up for air sometime tomorrow ;)

Thank you for your infinite patience.


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