Sunday, January 22, 2023

Wake me when it's my turn to roll....

Wake me when it's my turn to roll....
I will freely admit I have kind of lost interest in the whole Ha$bro OGL debacle because, well because I am a bit jaded and I think everything Ha$bro is doing going forward is self-serving and an attempt to placate the masses while still getting what they want. I don't believe for a minute that they actually give a shit what the player base thinks, especially the like of use over here in the OSR. Those surveys.....nobody is really reading them. A few might make their way out of marketing and onto the desk of someone with power, but those will be hand-selected to reinforce what that person wants to see.

"Chris, you're so wrong......Ha$bro doesn't want to lose money on D&D...

Yeah....I've worked for a few larger corporations in the past, pretty far down on the food-chain mind you, and from my experience, the good idea fairy rarely makes a visit, but dumb-assed ideas will have an inordinate amount of resources thrown at it until those that executed the idea are no longer around. A lot of companies will "step over a dollar to pick up a dime" and even a few screwed-up P&L statements won't get the point across.

Actually, and this is probably a bad analogy, but bear with me here.....this whole shebang really reminds me of a shitty GM. Now I'm speaking generically, but I'm recalling an actual bad GM I had.

So Ha$bro has this game they don't consider sacred, but they do figure they can do whatever the fuck they want because it's the only game in town (or so they think). Oh....they also have their own PC at the table and want the best of everything for themselves. If you come up with a good idea, they're going to steal it and use if for their PC. If you make too much noise about how they're running the game then you can just fuck right off. They'll tell you that there was a meeting and "everyone" decided they'd rather not game with you, but you'll both know that it's just the GM making that call. The GM, and by extension the GMPC, is infallible it doesn't take long to realize that sitting at this table may have its moments, but at what cost?

I do understand that this OGL, or more importantly the future of the Old OGL, is important, but it's way above my head to do anything about it, but I hope that those that can do something about it (i.e., have resources and clout to do so) kick Ha$bro's ass. I'll "speak" with my wallet, but I don't think for second Ha$bro will listen to my whispers.....

Is anybody else like, "Wake me when this bullshit is over and it's time for me to roll some dice."?


  1. I'm very skpetical that WotC will not continue to try to deauthorize OGL 1.0a. I gave my feedback, but I'd be very surprised if there was fundamental, meaningful change with how they plan to do business going forward.

  2. The fight is still worth having because of the issue of orphaned works. The shitty DM has a couple of my books and I want the damn things back.


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