Thursday, August 11, 2022

Deal of the Day - Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy: Rules Tome (and how to snag a copy and more for a buck)

Normally, I steer my readers towards Deals of the Day that I find very interesting without a second thought. The Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy: Rules Tome is something I can recommend without a second thought when offered for 10 bucks - half off its usual PDF pricing. Under normal circumstances, snagging the OSE rules at half off is a no-brainer. So, what if I could show you how to get The Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy: Rules Tome PDF for $1, along with six other titles?

The current Essential Classic Fantasy RPG Collection over on Humble Bundle offers the OSE Classic Fantasy: Rules Tome PDF for as low as a buck.

Seriously. Why pay more? The Humble Bundle price is good for two more weeks ar I post this.

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