Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Bundle of Holding - Traveller5

Traveller was the first science fiction RPG I picked up back in my early days of gaming. I had the Starter Set, which was the original three LBBs laid out as a full-sized booklet in a box. It may have included dice, but as they were six-sided, I no longer remember, as I had plenty of those.

I never really gravitated to Mongoose Traveller when it was released, but I did get in on some version of Traveller which came on a disc and named a planet after me, with a laminated card or such. I think THAT version became Traveller 5. I could be wrong. I am far from a Traveller expert ;)

Traveller! This Traveller5 Quick Deal, featuring the Fifth Edition of the venerable Traveller tabletop science fiction roleplaying game, will be here and gone at lightspeed, so start your travels now!

For just US$17.95 you get DRM-free ebooks (retail value $69) of the complete 888-page Traveller5 Core Rules 3-Book Set, the T5 Starships & Spacecraft deck plans, and the T5 Gazelle-Class Close Escort guide.

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