Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Humble Bundle - Judge Dredd: Perps, Punks, and Partners (Comics)

I used to be a huge collector of comic books in my teens and 20s. There was just something about reading books with art that was special. My local comic book store didn't carry Judge Dredd or the 2000 AD titles, because those weren't "American", but I would make occasional trips to Forbidden Planet on 13th Street in Manhattan and I'd always leave with some Judge Dredd and the like to fill the holes in my collection.

Most of those comics are gone now, either by choice (and downsizing purge) or by fate (a flood in the basement). I'm building my new comic book collection digitally. It stores much easier ;)

The Humble Bundle - Judge Dredd: Perps, Punks, and Partners is 25 bucks for 54 items. Its the pricepoint I'm jumping in at, but you can grab a smaller selection for as little as a buck.

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