Saturday, July 30, 2022

State of The Tavern Keeper - Turning 55 and All That Jazz

Yes, it's that time, when your OSR Tavern Keeper celebrates yet another year. I turned 55 today, and I'm truly at a loss for words. Just over 2 years ago, I wasn't sure if 53 was going to make the cut, and here I am, 60 pounds lighter and likely healthier than I have been in years.

I plan on sticking around for a few more decades, and I know there are some groans when I say that, but tough! They know who they are ;)

Birthday wishes have been coming in via FB, email, discord, and text. I can't thank you all enough.

Now, on to bookkeeping. I've unlaunched my Patreon. It never served the purpose I had imagined it would and I never really had a handle on it as a creator. It's time to reevaluate and potentially reimagine. For those that simply want to support what I do, there is a Paypal subscription button on the top of this page. Even better, shop using The Tavern's affiliate links listed at the bottom of every post. 

We've surpassed 1,500 Subscribers on The Tavern's Youtube Channel. That means that next Wednesday on the Talking Crit Livestream (which airs every Wednesday Night at 8 PM Eastern) we are giving away at least $250 in DTRPG Gift Certificates.

I've been asked why I don't watch many gaming-oriented Youtube channels, and the simple answer is, that I like my content much like I make my content - unscripted, not pushing products, not a game session recording, and simply not fake. Often the fewer bells and whistles, the more I like a channel, as it simply feels less rehearsed and planned. There are exceptions to these rules, of course, but I tend to prefer the feel of the "cable public access" vibe ;)

Alright, getting close to dinner with the family, so I should wrap this up. Tonight at 8 PM Eastern Rach and I will be doing our weekly Gamers' Health Livestream. I can think of no better way to spend my birthday ;)

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  1. Happy Birthday Tenkar, you are one hoopy frood!

  2. I hope we all have a few decades left in us. Happy birthday, hoss!

  3. Happy birthday, and glad that your health has made a turnaround!


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