Monday, July 25, 2022

GoFundMe - Save Queen Anne! - Darlene Needs Our Help!

I shared this on The Tavern's Youtube Channel this morning and offered to match the first $250 raised by Tavern Members. That was hit with the first donation of $250!

So now here's the new goal. If members of The Tavern can get us to $1000 or more raised for Darlene by this community, The Tavern will donate $500 total in the name of the members of The Tavern.

Skip your next cup of Starbucks coffee and give it to Darlene and save her home.

https://gofund.me/9e7c994b (I wish I had figured out how to do a team link earlier)

Queen Anne is dying. She was born in 1901 in a small town in North Carolina. I’m doing all I can to save her, but I need your help.

I am a retired artist whose claim to fame is being the first woman artist for Dungeons and Dragons. Choosing a life devoted to art cost me financial security. I’ve always lived close to the bone and have no means to help her.

Queen Anne is my house, a Victorian lady in serious trouble. Your contribution will help to repair her windows (so she can see); remove the overgrown vines, bushes and branches (they scratch her); a new roof (her hair is falling out); along with mold remediation from a leak (the result of her tears); and a new coat of paint (to protect her skin and restore her beautiful face).

Although her foundation is sound, and she’s paid for, Queen Anne sadly faces a point of no return. Repairs need to be done ASAP while they can still be easily managed. Also, the town is after her, insisting she be brought up to what they call “minimum standards.” They mostly don’t like to see windows without sills… Thus, my immediate need.

The amount I’m asking will take care of the minimum requirements so I’m not in trouble with the town. Anything over this amount will help defray the costs of a new roof and, hopefully, a paint job.

I hold out the hope someday soon she will again be the beautiful southern belle she once was. Won’t you help me refurbish this grand dame?


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