Wednesday, March 9, 2022

New Release - Tsar Frontiers: Not Genuine (Parody of the yet to be published Star Frontiers: New Genesis)

If you've been following The Tavern's YouTube Channel (and you HAVE been watching, right? ;) you'd know that an unknown source has put together a parody of the as-yet-unreleased TSR3 title, Star Frontiers: New Genesis. The parody is called Star Frontiers: Not Genuine.

The Star Frontiers: Not Genuine PDF first went up on itch.io. A Print on Demand was available for a short time on Lulu (I received a shipping notification earlier this morning in regards). Well, The Tsar Frontiers: Not Genuine (notice the title change) PDF is now available at DTRPG for free.

Grab a copy. It's good for a laugh and actually looks playable ;)

Note - Tsar Frontiers is "published" by OSR Games. OSR Games is a registered LLC by Justin LaNasa. I don't expect this to stay up long. Grab your copy now!

The primordial Role playing game of science fiction is back thats right and its, really real ! 

You can do Space battles and, play like Old School that means. No easy mode or balanced Encounter’s or coffee shop’s and pronouns this is for the hardcore Hardwire players that want to shoot some Bad guys and be a Hero. 

Or a heroine, girls are welcome to. If they wan’t to play. Maybe if they have a brother or Dad to teach them

 This is a whole new experience theres Technomancy and exciting Space politics and dont forget? lots of Battles!

No X cards or session zero’s just start playing and a galaxy of Adventure awaits you with thrilling Aliens fair space maidens evil villans Lasers and monsters and robot’s!


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