Friday, March 11, 2022

Kickstarter - Plague Grave, a Soundscape for Fantasy RPGs by Philip Reed

Five tracks and five short encounter seeds that a GM may string together. A source of inspiration for many fantasy RPGs!

For those that don't know, Phil Reed is the Grand Master of low-cost RPG-related Kickstarters. Plague Grave is no exception, as you can get all of the material (soundscape and encounter hooks) in digital format for a buck. Sure, you can pay more for physical content, but the minimal buy-in is the price of a can of Coke - or less.

Welcome to Plague Grave, a soundscape for use with most fantasy roleplaying games. This five-track album includes a single encounter hook for each track, and a GM may string all five together to form a short adventure. As a systemless work, most gamemasters can adapt the ideas to almost any roleplaying game of their choice.

Once the Kickstarter campaign is complete, I'll release the digital edition of Plague Grave as a free PDF and MP3s. Supporting this project at the $1 reward level is purely to show that you enjoy my work and like to see these oddball, out-of-the-ordinary creative efforts succeed. I'll release the free digital edition at DrivethruRPG and itch.io.

In addition to being free and to download and use, the five tracks included in the Plague Grave digital edition will be available for use as royalty-free music in your podcasts and streaming sessions. All I ask is that you credit me and link to either the Plague Grave page at DrivethruRPG or itch.io.

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