Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Deal of the Day - The Anatomy of Adventure

I'm heard the name "M.T. Black" in the past but truly can't tell you what he has written (looking at his self-published work, he's published a sizeable amount). The Anatomy of Adventure is a Platinum Best Seller at DTRPG, less for telling you how to write an adventure and more for showing you how to write adventures for publication. As there is certainly a large overlap between the two, The Anatomy of Adventure is a bargain at 1.98 until Thursday, 3/3/22 at 11 AM Eastern.

"It's a lovely read and hugely helpful."

"Tons of great advice for an aspiring adventure writer."


In just a few short years, M.T. Black has established himself as one of the most successful indie-writers on the Dungeons & Dragons scene, with thirty-five platinum best-sellers and over a hundred thousand book sales. In this practical and engaging book, he shares many of the principles, tricks, and secrets he has learned along the way. 

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  1. Thanks Tenkar - I often read your blog, as it happens :-)

  2. Wotc should hire M.T Black. Then we could get some great published adventures. His stuff is the best out there. Fighting giants at 1st level. Hell ya.


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