Sunday, August 22, 2021

Playing a Little Different Fantasy Game....


Playing a Little Different Fantasy Game....
I'm fortunate enough to be back at my old job and in position to be looking to my purchase "my" first home. Sure, I've had a house before, but my ex-wife was involved in the home choice & subsequent design/decoration decisions. This time round it's all me...

Now my "needs" in a new (to me) home are pretty simple: good A/C, decent kitchen, and I'd like a two car garage. As far as add-on wants go I'd prefer a single-level with decent storage.

That's about it. I don't care if I have a bog master bedroom with an attached bathroom, or a specific number of bedrooms/bathrooms. Me & my three cats can get along with whatever works.

Now not on my list, pretty much because I'm going to have one regardless is I want a bonafide game room. If I convert a bedroom, great...but a lot of the houses in the price range I'm looking at come with either a decent master bedroom and/or a "second living area". 

I'm still waiting for my loan pre-approval process to be wrapped up so actually looking at homes, even online, is more a fantasy than anything.....but hey, most of us play Fantasy RPGs anyway, so I can fully enjoy the fantasy of not just getting a new home, but building out my dream game room.....

So here I am brainstorming everything I want in a game room. I think I'd prefer a space I could block off from the rest of the house if need be (ie, keep the cats out) but if there was a larger second living room/area, the space might be too tempting. Ideally though, I'd try to make the space a bit multi-purpose. I'm thinking having the walls lined with shorter bookshelves to serve as a library and one wall serving as my computer station. If I could work in my future retro-game big-screen setup, even better. The game table has to dominate the center of the room, and I really want a big-assed digital tabletop.

The bookcases will be shorter so I can hang all my RPG art around the room, and I have to figure out where my minis and terrain will go, maybe in a custom pedestal base for the game table?

My paint booth for terrain & minis, as well as all my hobby supplies will be in another room/space 'cause I don't want to gunk up my gaming space with supplies.

Hmm....time to start poking around on Zillow again....

Anyway, assuming you get to choose/build out your own at-home gaming space, what do you have to have?  

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