Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Kickstarter - J. Halk Games Presents: The World of Durmin (OSRIC)

The World of Durmin: A campaign setting for Old-School Roleplaying Games

Consider this a weakness of mine, my Achilles Heel, if you will, but I love fantasy settings. Sure, the plethora of settings was probably the downfall of 2nd Edition, but damn they put out some fun stuff. I don't even play the DCC RPG these days, but I certainly back every setting they Kickstart.

The World of Durmin is a Kickstarter for a boxed setting using the OSRIC rules, and it looks to be hitting many of the notes I like to see in the settings I enjoy. A familiar ruleset - OSRIC - essentially 1st Edition presented with modern sensibilities. New classes, something I always enjoy (even if I may not let them in my own campaign). New playable races (again, I may not use them as such, but having the option to do so in this setting, or ported to another setting, is excellent). New equipment. New monsters. Simply put, even if I never use the setting "as written", there is much I can use.

Oh, and it comes in a box. Just like my settings of old, and my DCC RPG settings of new.

50 bucks get you the core boxed set of the World of Durmin. I'm actually backing for 100, because I like bells and whistles, and there is simply never too much content when it comes to a setting. Even if I may never use 90% of it. I'm talking about nearly every setting I own ;)

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