Monday, July 12, 2021

Torchlight Issue #1 has Released (Swords & Wizardry / SWL / SWCL Zine)

Well, it's finally here. All delays are mine and mine alone. There is a reason this will never be a Kickstarter project run by myself ;)

Torchlight Issue #1 has been released in PDF, with the hope of a limited run of print copies available at Shire Con. Definitely in time for GameHole. These will be printed by Mixam and the quality should be outstanding.

The cover price for Torchlight Issue #1 in PDF is 3 bucks for 36 pages, cover to cover. We have articles (and an adventure) from James Spahn, Michael "Bad Mike" Badolato, and John Healy II.

Glen Hallstrom did the cover and Jeff Jones did the layout.

Unlike the Torchlight Premiere Issue, this is a full-size zine :)

If you buy it via this link: Torchlight Issue #1 - you can snag a copy for 2 bucks. If you have purchased prior S&W releases from me, check your DTRPG email for potentially a deeper discount.

Additionally, I'm putting Swords & Wizardry Continual Light on sale for a buck via the link above - also normally 3 bucks. Work is commencing on a digest-sized version of SWCL - new layout, new art, new cover art, and a micro setting and adventure from James Spahn. Phew. Again, hoping to release it in time for GameHole with a limited print run, again via Mixam.

As always, thank you for the support. Work on Torchlight Issue #2 will commence after we wrap up the Digest Sized Edition of S&W Continual Light :)

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  1. Ok that is fun stuff. Love the zine format and this is a great vehicle for keeping SWL/SWCL alive and well. Plus $3.00 is a good price for 36 pages (minus covers, OGL and extra, it comes in at about 10 cents per page which is the rule of thumb I try to use.)
    If you like SWL/SWCL then get this.

  2. Yahoo. Page numbers this time! Looking forward to more issues.


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