Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Kickstarter - RPG Maps Zine - Issue 1 - with Descriptions and Plot Hooks

10 Highly Detailed, Hand Drawn, Town Centre, Black and White, Building Maps for RPGs by Dark Realm Maps.

An RPG Zine about maps? Can there be anything cooler?

RPG Maps Zine - Issue 1 is one of those rare Kickstarters where there are more backers at the digital level than at the physical level, which makes sense. Digital is a perfect fit for VTTs, and if you need a physical copy you simply print it out at the size you need.

At 5 British Pounds, or approximately $7 US for 11 maps (as the Zine has hit a stretch goal) for the PDF I can't pass up on this. You never know when your party will go off the path, and maps like this are simply a great tool for the improv DM toolkit.

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