Friday, July 23, 2021

Kickstarter - Necropolis: An Epic Adventure in the Desert Sands (S&W / 5e)

The legendary adventure updated and rewritten for 5e and S&W! An ancient evil has reawakened in the Necropolis...

Necropolis is an interesting IP. The original version was written by Gary Gygax, using the D20 license and the 3x OGL, and was NOT owned by the Gygax Estate upon Gary's death.

The current version being kickstarted, Necropolis: An Epic Adventure in the Desert Sands is a rewrite of the original, updated, and expanded for Swords & Wizardry and 5e.

Based on the original work by the grandmaster himself, Gary Gygax, Necropolis is an epic desert adventure series for 5e D&D and Swords & Wizardry. Previously published by Necromancer Games as a d20 system adventure, it has been entirely updated and revised by Mark Greenberg, co-author of The World of the Lost Lands by Frog God Games. (D&D is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast; Necromancer Games and Frog God Games are not affiliated with Wizards of the Coast or the Gygax estate.)

This grand adventure is set in the Triple Kingdom of Khemit, on the continent of Libynos in the Lost Lands, the world of Frog God Games and Necromancer Games. Necropolis is designed for a party of 6–8 seasoned characters starting between 7th and 9th level and will challenge even the most experienced players.

The book you will receive includes a multiple-stage adventure taking the party from an oasis village to the depths of a long-lost tomb, together with a wealth of other material that can be used to expand a campaign into this desert land, including:

  • Details of the village of Aartuat and its environs
  • The Temple of Osiris, the Necropolis, and the legendary Tomb of Rahotep
  • A poster map of the tomb
  • Information about the Triple Kingdom of Khemit
  • Wilderness encounter tables
  • Dozens of NPCs, with detailed character notes
  • Almost 50 new monsters
  • New character options, spells, and magic items

Altogether, there is enough material for dozens of hours of play over weeks or even months of game sessions.

I'm in at 55 bucks, print plus PDF, including maps and stretch goals. As I type this, Necropolis has passed 53k in funding, of a 15k goal, with 28 days to go. 

Overseas backers can back for a POD version of the book to save on international shipping costs.

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  1. The original version was written for the Mythus setting of the Dangerous Journeys game back in the 1990s.

  2. Sadly Necromancer an Frog God Games consider Non American Roleplayers second class.
    Either we habe to pay exorbitant shipping fees or we get, as in this Projekt, a shitty Softcover POD Option.
    I own All Necromancer and FGG Produkts OP to 2016 or so. Afterwards It became prohibitive expensive to back their Projekts.
    And don't tell me a small print has no other options.
    Necrotic Gnome and Exaltet Funersl with Theorie Old School Essentials line show that you can do America, Europa and Rest of the World.
    So I funnel my money to European friendly Produkts now.

    1. Can I ask how do you expect them to deal with the high shipping costs that they get charged to ship things out of the US?

      I can't imagine that Necrotic Gnome didn't have to pay a good amount for the extra shipping to Germany and the UK so the books could be shipped on from there, plus the company doing it.

    2. They were saying during their conversation when they launched that certain game stores in Europe (UK & Germany, I think) were going to be purchasing some copies for folks to buy. So if you've got a gaming store near you, you might try talking to them. Directly contacting Frog God/Necromancer can work too as people are doing that in the comments section of the KS. Back at $1 and you can ask them.

  3. I don't think that Bill and the crew at FGG / Necro view anyone that supports their amazing products that live outside of the US as "second-class". It's unfortunate, and I'm sure they would change it if they could, but the reality is that shipping has become a nightmare for virtually everyone across the planet. I'm in Canada, and I still backed at $400 ... I'll just get a US-based friend to ship it to me. Will it cost me a bit more? Yeah, but at least I get everything created for this long-awaited project.


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