Wednesday, February 3, 2021

ZineQuest 3 - Gamma Zine

I'll be sharing various ZineQuest 3 projects over the next days and weeks, and I'll be doing a series of Fireside Chats (12 in the next 11 days) live on our Youtube Channel (which will then be shared on the Tavern Chat podcast)

Today I'm peeking at Gamma Zine #3. This a zine showing love for the classic Gamma World RPG originally published by TSR. Written and published by Thom Wilson of Throwi Games. Thom has a proven track record with both delivering Kickstarter projects and producing zines.

Do you still play Gamma World or another post-apocalyptic, science fiction RPG? Do you wish there was more material for the games you play? Well, your wish has been granted: a B&W fanzine for your post-apocalyptic game campaign or reading pleasure! In the third issue of Gamma Zine, you'll find three short adventures, new mutated monsters, lost and forgotten tech, and more.

The zine will be black & white, perfect bound, and digest-sized. The size of this third issue is fixed because it's already written!

Although the fanzine will focus primarily on the first edition of Gamma World by TSR, we'll try to keep much of the fanzine flexible to allow the reader to adapt its contents to other systems. However, when statistics are displayed for foes and challenges, we'll use the earliest edition of Gamma World for the rules and stats.

Tonight at 8 PM Eastern, Thom will be joining Bad Mike (NTRPG Con) and myself on our weekly Talking Crit Livestream. In addition to pumping Thom for information about Gamma Zine, we'll drag Thom along on our usual hexcrawl through the past week in Gaming News.

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