Tuesday, February 2, 2021

ZineQuest 2021 - Post the Second - Livestream Fireside Chats Schedule for February 2021

Last night, in the RPG Zine Community on Facebook (a truly amazing community of creators and consumers of zines) I offered to do some Livestream Fireside Chats with creators that are participating in ZineQuest 2021. I expected there would be some moderate interest. Instead, before I went to bed, a dozen creators had messaged me. 

We currently have 10 ZineQuest related Livestreams on the calendar (9 directly covering individual projects), with more to be added. This list will be updated as needed.

Livestreams will be on our YouTube Channel @ YouTube.com/ErikTenkar

Here is the current schedule (with links to the ZineQuest Projects for those that want to follow along at home):

All times are Eastern Time Zone / NYC

Wednesday 2/3 @  8 PM - Talking Crit w/ Bad Mike - Thom Wilson - Gamma Zine

Thursday   2/4 @ 11 AM - Nathan Robert - The 13th Fleet

Friday        2/5 @   8 PM - Gile Pritchard - Rascals

Saturday    2/610 AM - Craig Campbell - Low Stakes

Sunday       2/7 @   2 PM - Jeff Jones - Scoundrels 

Monday      2/8 @ 11 AM - Zak Goins - Scrap Rats

Monday      2/8 @   7 PM - James Carpio - Anarchy!

Tuesday      2/911 AM - Frank Tufler - The Lair of the Manticore

Wednesday 2/108 PM-(Talking Crit) Casey Christofferson - Catpocalypse Meow

Friday         2/12@  8 PM - Iron Rations with JoetheLawyer - Tim Shorts -                                                              The Many  Crypts of Lady Ingrade

Saturday     2/13@  7 PM - Joel Hines - Desert Moon of Karth

Wednesday 2/17 through Saturday, 2/20 @ 8 PM each night, Bad Mike & Tenkar will be hosting livestreams with special guests in support of Virtual TotalCon 2021.

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