Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Lankmar Area Rug for Sale (and others) - Now, If Only We Could Arrange for a Bard's Gate Rug

Teezons is a website I had not visited prior to tonight, but one of the links on BellofLostSouls led me down one hell of a rabbit hole.

You can get the above pictured Lankmar city map for as little as 70.45 at 3'x5' or 99.45 for the 5'x8' rug.

Damn, very tempting, and there are lots more maps of official Dungeons & Dragons  🐉settings available, although I am unsure of the legality of such offered items.

The wording of the item description likely indicates a non-native English speaker:

Still, a Bard's Gate or Lost Lands rug would be awesome. Or maybe the new map for The Mouth of Doom from the Rappan Athuk Map Collection. Or one of Doug Kovak's awesome DCC maps. The mind boggles :)

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  1. I loved that 1E Lankhmar setting so much. That map brings back many, many fond memories. Best city setting ever designed, for my money. Apologies to Frog God and Necromancer games. Bard's Gate and the Necro CSIO were both excellent.

  2. If you hang them on the wall, do they become tapestries?

  3. I would imagine WOTC is getting no money and they are not licensed otherwise it would be current properties.

    Inuse zazzle to print poster maps for overland and cities a lot. $10 or so with the right sale and your homebrew worls suddenly looks legit when you lay down a poster map.


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