Saturday, December 5, 2020

Kickstarter - Folio #26 The Virgin Mine Gaming Adventure! (1e & 5e)

Oh my! I think I'm in simply for the cover. I probably should read further to see what lies behind the cover ;)

Even better. "The Rat Dungeon". Low-level adventure. It's ticking off more boxes and I've barely started reading the description...

Folio #26 The Virgin Mine is 10 bucks in PDF, 25 bucks (plus shipping) for the print plus PDF

Join the adventure as Art of the Genre creates its first new mega-dungeon in over three years!  This first part of a six-phase mega-campaign is based around 1st level characters in a completely revolutionary setting.  I've specially designed the dungeon to breathe life into those adventuring levels while allowing the DM the ability to create incredible story arcs with old favorite monsters like goblins, rats, and even early fantasy RPG video game monsters like creeping coins and bushwhackers!

The Virgin Mine setting revolves around an adventuring company moving into the ruins of the wild jungle around the Imperial Capital city of Nextyaria. Here, they will match wits against other treasure-seeking adventuring companies as well as the intelligent dungeon that hosts relic treasures with nearly unlimited power.

Folio #26 will introduce characters to the setting, the mysterious and ancient The Rat Dungeon, as well as the other companies who seek their fortunes in the jungle.  New rules for character play complicate the dungeon crawl, and threats of marauding bandits and other companies looking for a quick profit by ambush also threaten the party.  Unlike normal dungeons, this one carries various mysteries, and strategy will need to be employed as the party learns the ropes within the first level of the Virgin Mine.  Dungeon details include 2D standard hex maps as well as fully 3D renderings of The Rat Dungeon section of The Virgin Mine.  A gazetteer section will give background on the new rules and the exterior camps and companies.  Several new monsters lurk within as well as new magical treasure.  It also features a fully removable stand-alone cover in perfect OSR tradition!

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