Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Kickstarter - A Packet of Particular Peaks (System-Neutral Campaign Material)

I need to give a huge shout out to all of The Taverners that have been kind enough to give me links to projects and new releases that may have escaped my attention otherwise. We all owe you a beer :)

Today we have A Packet of Particular Peaks, a system-neutral Kickstarter offering mountain setting campaign material for the harried GM.

As a side note, I generally prefer system-neutral releases over those for multiple systems, but I do enjoy winging things and running sessions with lots of improv.

This is a go-to reference for a system-neutral, old school inspired fantasy setting that aims to provide a “drop-in-and-drop-out” experience. You can run a small side quest within the peaks, provide a parallel campaign to your normal adventures, or simply pull from this packet for game-able material in your role-playing game sessions.

Contained in this packet you’ll find three particular peaks featuring dream-like locations, strange inhabitants, unique overland features, an extensive bestiary, and much more.

8 bucks for the PDF, 20 bucks for the print plus PDF. 

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