Friday, December 4, 2020

The Tenkar's Tavern Discord Server and YouTube Channel - Two Great Ways to Experience a Great Community (amongst other fine ways)

The Tenkar's Tavern Community has been a Godsend this year. Between my personal health challenges, health challenges for other members of our community, and the general shittiness of The Year of Covid, the saving grace has been this community. I truly feel blessed.

The Tenkar's Tavern Facebook Community has been around for years, and I give full credit to Frank Mentzer for the idea of making it, and by extension, all of The Tavern's various incarnations, a Neutral Ground. Peace-knot your political views and real-world issues when passing through these doors. We make no promises you won't be offended, but if you are, it should be related to differing opinions on that which we hold dear - games and other geek-like hobbies. Over 2,600 members, of which over 1k are active. Damns!

The Tavern also has a presence on MeWe. Although the community is nowhere near as large as the one on Facebook, it is growing and vibrant. Besides, everyone needs a refuge that isn't Facebook ;)

Probably the fastest growing and most active of The Tavern's platforms is on Discord. The Tenkar's Tavern Discord Server. With over 2,200 members, an active chat channel 24 hours a day, and a weekly bullshit session on Thursday Nights in the Speakeasy (I do apologize for missing Thanksgiving evening) The Tenkar's Tavern Discord is where you can call out to the darkness and you'll generally get a response within minutes.

YouTube is becoming another fast-growing aspect of The Tavern. Every Wednesday Night at 8 PM Eastern Bad Mike (NTRPG Con and Frog God Games) and yours truly host the Talking Crit Livestream. We catch up on the last week of news in our hobby and respond to comments from our live viewers. Starting Friday, December 11th, and every second and fourth Friday Evening of the Month, JoetheLawyer and myself will be hosting an Iron Rations Livestream, with general OSR gaming talk and thoughts. We currently have 184 subscribers to theYouTube.com/ErikTenkar channel. Hint: we can always use more subscribers ;)

Last is our weekly Tenkar's Tavern Community Newsletter. With 160 subscribed readers, it helps keep you up to date on the new releases, projects, and others going on in the OSR. You can subscribe by using the link at the top of this page.

If you had asked me over a decade ago when I started the Tenkar's Tavern Blog, if I thought it would spur a community as vibrant as the one it has, I would have thought you to be daft Apparently, I was the daft one on :)

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