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Like a Hydra, You Just Can't Kill the Beast - Ken Whitman "Claims" to have Found the "Lost to a Fire" KotDT Live Action Footage

I kid you the fuck not!

Ken "I only lie when I talk" Whitman now claims to have found the Knights of the Dinner Table: Live Action Series footage that he claimed in court was lost in a barn fire. Kenny, we all know this is yet another attempt to milk money from those you have already scammed.

Kenny had been silent for over four years on the KotDT: LAS Kickstarter, but look what Mr. "The FBI is waiting for you at your doorstep" Whitman has updated with today:

Hey Everyone,   

This morning I recovered the original files for KODT Live Action series.   I am copying the files and shipping them to Jolly on Monday.   

I have reached out to Jolly and Dave and have asked for permission to remaster the product, however, my contract ran out years ago.   If I can get their permission to work on the footage I would love to finish and distribute the project.  

I do ask for your forgiveness, and hope I am allowed a way to make amends for my shotty business performance.   

I will keep you updated, and hope all of you are still enjoying one of the best damn comics ever made!

-Ken Whitman 

Ken does nothing out of the kindness of his heart. It has always been about separating many fools (and some not so foolish) from their money. Highlander Collectible Card Game and printing off rares to sell? Allegedly. Rapid POD Printing Company and books that fell apart the moment you cracked them open? Allegedly. Using Kickstarter as a pyramid scheme to bilk honest folks out of their hard-earned cash? Most definitely!

So Kenny, where did these files come from that allegedly went up in smoke when your friend's barn burned down? That was your testimony in NYS Court

I can guarantee that ANYTHING of potential value that Ken is willing to give to the backers of the KotDT: LAS will come with a new price tag. That simply is Kenny's way.

My advice? Don't give him a cent. He preys on the gaming community, then hopes the community will forget the transgressions and theft that he committed in the past. Kenny will never be reformed. 

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  1. A friend's barn burned down... a friend got evicted... A friend sold him a store...

  2. I got the notification earlier today about the comment of Ken's and posted one of my own. It was VERY clear back in 2018 that ALL the raw footage was lost. There were two 4TB hard drives. One drive had a hardware failure. The other drive was in storage with one of Ken's friends when Ken went off from KY to Atlanta. While Ken was off hiding from everyone and avoiding being served; the friend got evicted, and I think, ended up in a county jail for several months. No one recalled running across either hard drive but it had to be in the stuff that was collected from the eviction since that was everything. ALL those items ended up in barn, that months later burned to the ground. Everything that was stored there from the eviction was a TOTAL loss. There was not even any remains to either drive to even see if a recovery could be possible. The really tragic part of this was that if Whitman had simply told ANYONE the first hard drive had failed, a second one could have been sent to him to make backups and/or drive recovery attempted on the first one; instead Whitman hid what had happened from everyone and only 'fessed up' once I finally realized what had happened and why Whitman would never tell anyone what he wanted in return for the raw footage. Whitman could not name a price since if he did and someone offered to pay, he could not deliver. I told Whitman back then that he was self destructive and would eventually end up with no one wanting to work with him on anything, since anything he touches turns into a disaster of his own making. I think with the lockdowns he has reached that point and it trying to go back to his old cons on Kickstarter; hence the fake update. Marc Miller seems to refuse to talk to anyone about any of the projects, and I don't blame him. The idea that Marc Miller would be open to doing anything for Whitman is absurd since Miller seems to fully realize later that Whitman used him and Jolly Blackburn 'to front' for his cons, without them realizing what Whitman's eventually plan was. I suspect Whitman has done this routine on other people; finding out someone to put out front so others will put up the money, and then run off once Whitman has collected as much as he can from everyone; leaving backers out of their money and the other people confused as to why Whitman is not delivering anything.

  3. In my conversations with Whitman I told him that the big mistake he made this time was that he grifted on too many people all at once. In the past, at most only about 20 or 30 people would be affected, so Whitman could just find a new group to run his cons on. This time there was like six or seven hundred people plus everyone else that heard about it, so there was no way this was going to go away or be forgotten over time. The worst part for Whitman was there was few, if any, new groups to con since anyone looking him up online would find a long record of everything he has done. I also suspect that as Whitman is getting on in years, and has little to no reported income, that he is coming up on retirement with zero savings and little prospect of any kind of SSI; providing he even makes it to retirement. (Whitman strikes me as someone who loads himself up with needless stress and ruins things emotionally for himself with everyone around him.)

  4. FU Whitman. Oh, one more thing, its shoddy. Use a grammar checker you hack.

  5. I've Been getting a lot of emails regarding this. My reply on the Kickstarter update copied here;

    //This has NOT been discussed in house. I only found out myself about the footage yesterday.

    I'm not talking here officially for Kenzerco but my personal feeling is that the "rescued" DVD of the three episodes which Ben Dobyns of ZOE, pulled together on his own time and dime) closed the book on this film project. Well, for me personally.

    I realize Ken still has fullfilment obligations to backers, so I obviously can't speak for them.

    My suggestion to Ken would be to finish the editing of the footage to his satisfaction and then submit it to KenzerCo for review. Then perhaps, a limited license (with NO monetization involved) could be arranged, for purposes of getting it to those backers who paid to get a copy so many years ago.

    But that's not a decision for me to make on my own. It'd have to be ran by our CEO, David Kenzer.//

    In short, I think Ken would need to complete the editing and submit a finalized cut of the project before going any further.

    1. The original contract was quite clear on ownership of the IP and raw footage. Whitman only had a right to the end of the contract to use the IP to put out the DVDs, once that date ran, Whitman was to turn over all raw footage to Kenzer and company. Even IF any raw footage exists, Whitman has absolutely NO right to retain or use it for anything and is supposed to be turning it all over to Kenzer and Company.

      However, Whitman has nothing. When he ran off from KY to GA he left everything behind. When I finally got him to answer some questions in the lawsuit he confessed he had absolutely nothing left of any raw footage, for any projects. Whitman hid this from everyone as far back as 2015 Gencon, since if he fessed up at that time everyone would have realized Whitman was an idiot for not telling anyone he needed a new drive , not having a backup of the one drive that was good, and abandoning both drives with his friend who got evicted, and never checking on where they were. When I talked with Whitman, Whitman did not even have an idea of where the guy was. It took me three days to track him down.

    2. It'd be interesting to see how he "got" this footage... One could make a good case of perjury if this comes from a drive he's had in his possession the entire time..

    3. I think we are going to discover the 'raw footage' that Whitman found was nothing more than leftovers at best he found on another device, and at worst and typical, low res stuff Whitman has already shown to everyone but he is trying to pass it off as 'having found all the raw footage'. Back in 2018 when Whitman finally confessed that he had lost everything he, for once in his life, was telling the truth and even seemed 'emotionally devastated'. The problem is that once I was told 'some people had the sinking feeling that Whitman has lost the raw footage'; I realized what had happened, how it explained Whitman's constantly talking in circles where he would say he wanted to finish the project but then never come to terms and simply refused to name any price to turn over the footage. I think the real tragedy is that Whitman had a chance to make something that could have got him into making a reasonable living with the Traveler project; but instead Whitman reverted to his typical form and ran off once he got as much money as he could. Whitman is self destructive and pathological. I told Whitman that 'he really did it this time' since so many people saw what he did and at times Whitman even taunted them over how he was so much smarter than them. I am somewhat concerned that some of the people in the Kickstarter comments page appear to be willing to 'give him another chance' and maybe even fund him again; which is one of the reasons that someone like Whitman never changes. Years ago if my friend William Striger or I ever did something like this in South Boston we probably would have gotten a beat down one evening in a parking lot but today people seem to be such chumps that even after they are shown what a person does they STILL are willing to line up and turn over money! (I marvel how people who do such things have any money to do anything with.)

      People will note that Whitman has never explained how he 'found the raw footage' or even what it was stored on since one would be able to determine Whitman was lying, again. It was most definite at the time that the only devices with the raw footage were the two 4TB hard drives. One locked up and the other Whitman left with his friend when he fled KY for Atlanta, and both were lost in a fire.

  6. No updates on this for 11 days (either here or Kickstarter page), just curious, anything to report from anyone?

  7. On 01/01/2021 I will be the sole and only member of d20 entertainment LLC. I will need any assets or records, in any form, to be turned over to me at that time. If anyone has any info I would appreciate if you could contact me with such information. This can be verified by doing a search on the State of Kentucky corporate web site. Notices can be sent to the register agent on file or the company main location on file.


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