Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Kickstarter - Rathskellers Modular Table: For Dining, Gaming & RPGs

There is simply something undeniably attractive to gaming tables. When Rach and I were looking at property in the Pocono Mountains of NE Pennsylvania earlier this year (before Covid and Congestive Heart Failure changed those plans, at least for the immediate future) I already had a gaming table pucked out.

Of course, it would have doubled as a dining room table. There simply isn't enough room in a small house for a gaming room to be stand-alone. Ah, alas, it wasn't to be.

Now I'm looking at the Rathskellers Modular Table: For Dining, Gaming & RPGs and I'm thinking "where can I sacrifice space to make this work?" Heh. It really is purty and the price is wallet-friendly, but I'm sure the shipping will be a killer as it's coming from Greece.

Where they DO get you is with the addons, but even then, the prices are more than competitive with other gaming tables I've seen, let alone a certain company that took orders that it never filled before going out of business, but we won't talk about that...

Damn, I need to see if I could fit the medium table in my kitchen. Le sigh.

So, who among my readers has a gaming table? Pros? Cons? I'd love to get some feedback.

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