Saturday, September 19, 2020

Reminder - The Tavern in its Various Incarnations is a Neutral Ground

The US Presidential Elections are a month and a half away.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg just passed.

Social media is going to be on fire.

The Tavern will not be joining the drama.

Fact: Ginsberg's closest friend on the Supreme Court was Justice Scalia, a staunch conservative and Ginsberg's ideological opposite. How could that be? Because their friendship was based on commonalities, not differences.

We are gamers. We are geeks. That is our commonality. That is what we stress here at The Tavern. We do not discuss politics or social issues. Sure, such issues exist, but there are more appropriate venues for such discussion. It isn't here. Not the blog, not the Discord, not the Facebook Community nor the MeWe Group.

Social media ensures that discussions on any sensitive subjects that are even tangentially touching upon politics or social issues will devolve into a dumpster fire at best.

Being a Neutral Ground does not ensure that you, personally, will not be offended by subjects, content, or discussions that may arise. My personal neutrality means that the politics of personalities does not influence what I do or do not cover.  I am remarking about the relevance to us as gamers, I am not covering their politics. 

I am, however, certainly swayed by personal attacks on myself. If your tactic is such in the hopes of me sending traffic your way, you will be sorely disappointed.

Game on dude! Game on! 


  1. Thank you! I always leave my opinions about politics at the door. Too many FB game groups are flooded with crap that alienates other members.

  2. You are literally letting people die by not discussing global warming.

    1. @Nedleeds: I sincerely doubt that turning a gaming space into yet another shouting match will make any difference on that or any other important matter.

    2. @Nedleeds

      I'm a connoisseur of parody and this is top notch. Much appreciated!

    3. The leading cause of global warming is 5d6 OSR fireballs.


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