Tuesday, September 15, 2020

New PWYW - Guildhall Goods (Frugal GM)

In case you've missed it, the Frugal GM has been offering quality RPG resources at rock bottom prices for a while. His latest is Guildhall Goods, which is available for Pay What You Want pricing.

This short location set-up is designed to act as a loose framework for you to tweak & toss into your current campaign and everything listed here is a suggestion for use only. Several details, especially those on this page, are deliberately vague in order to make integration easier. Use as-is, or slice & dice the information given to suit the needs of your game.

The idea behind this Tweak & Toss is that a frontier location has a market that has been around "forever". This market also offers services for adventurers that join up as members of the "Guildhall". 

I was having some PDF production issues, so instead of my normal half-page sized PDFs that should be booklet printed, this product is a full page landscape print that is designed to be folded in half. That puts the map of the building on the inside spread and you can easily just print off that page if it helps, but it comes at the expense of easier navigation through the document on a tablet or other screen.

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