Saturday, July 11, 2020

Kickstarter - Tome of Alchemy: Magic Item and Potion Creation for 5e (Necromancer Games)

5th Edition rules for alchemical creation of magical and mundane items in your 5th Edition game!

A Tome of Alchemy from Courtney Campbell and the fine folks from Frog God Games under the Necromancer Games banner? It's almost like chocolate and peanut butter, but adding bananas ;)

Courtney does amazing work. I also consider Courtney a friend. As most of you know, under normal non-Covid-19 circumstances I'd be attending conventions and manning the Frog God Table. I consider the Frogs "family". So wow, truth in advertising - this looks great and yes, I am connected to all involved :)
Hundreds of items, dozens of spells, rules for potion-brewing, an innovative research-system for alchemy, tables to resolve mistakes in the laboratory, alchemy-related adventure hooks, and much, much more! 
Bubbling alembics and fiery ovens release the fumes of sweet and noxious gases into the stone-walled laboratory, where mists gather and curl among the rafters. Shelves groan with the weight of clay jars, glass containers, parchment scrolls, boxes of rare minerals, and ancient books forbidden to own. This is the mysterious domain of the alchemist, and now the secrets of this venerable craft are opened before you for use in your 5th edition D&D game. A Pathfinder 1.0 version will be made as a print on demand softcover option (upgrades to hardcover at 250 sold). No leather editions will be made of the Pathfinder Tome of Alchemy. 
Players and game masters both can use the mysteries of alchemy to expand options for adventuring and adventure design. This masterful work by Courtney Campbell explores all aspects of the venerable craft of alchemy and weaves it into the structure of the world's most popular fantasy role-playing game!
Not only does this Kickstarter offer the Tome of Alchemy itself, but backers also have the option to purchase the Deck of Mysterious Creations, a card-based system for tracking and developing alchemical experiments. The cards are system-neutral.

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