Thursday, July 9, 2020

WotC Explains that the recent Legacy Disclaimer is only an Early Step

Rach and I discussed on the Tavern Chat Podcast earlier tonight
A disclaimer has been added to several legacy titles on our partner distribution sites. We'd like to talk about why we've added that disclaimer, what it means, and other steps that are being taken to address a legacy of ethnic, racial, and gender prejudice in some old products. 
This is an early step and not done in a vacuum. It's not enough to evaluate ourselves. As outlined in our original diversity statement (http://spr.ly/6184GTbpj), we're undergoing the process of reviewing our content and practices and hiring external consultants to review with us. 
These processes take time to implement, and we'll continue to provide future updates. Unfortunately, our disclaimer was added before we were ready to fully communicate the steps we are taking. We apologize for failing to handle this situation with the care and grace it deserves.
Lastly, we want to make it clear that we condemn the harassment or bullying of those raising their concerns about our content, past or present. D&D wants to be an open, welcoming, and inclusive space. Those who do not reflect those values are not welcome in our community. 
Simply put, we messed up and we're sorry. Wizards of the Coast is constantly working to be better, and we have a lot of work to do, especially so in repairing trust with our community. Thank you for continuing to use your voice so that we may continue to make meaningful change."


  1. How about the harassment and bullying of a generation of their creators and fan base/customers for the past thirty years over progressive nonsense?

  2. Anyone offended by anything in Deities and Demigods needs to switch to playing something less stressful, perhaps Candyland or even Parcheesi if they're really feeling edgy.

  3. So, in other words, they meant to make it worse and to silence their critics completely, but were being pressured so hard, they had to shoot off their load early.

  4. "D&D wants to be an open, welcoming, and inclusive space. Those who do not reflect those values are not welcome in our community. "

    So they want to be open and welcoming, but only to those that agree with them... Uh huh.

  5. Funny that you put up that image of Deities and Demigods as that was the book where Gygax got a deal to keep Melnibonean and C'thulu myths in exchange for a blurb thanking Chaosium and he decided happy customers were less important than putting another companies name in his book. Screw the customers part 1.

    Then later they changed the name and gutted the entire book to placate the religious nuts who might be offended by seeing Chinese, Japanese or Indian mythos. Screw the customers part 2.

  6. ...so is it okay for my Anglo-European knight to worship a Chinese deity? I'm just really confused... 🤪😜

    1. Nope, but an Egyptian deity would be just dandy.

  7. It seems that the """"""""""""woke""""""""" "people" at WOTC don't seem to realize it's wrong to be accusing people of being racist who are not. It seems that there is no middle ground. I have a solution that most of you are already doing. Play the he how you want, others play it how they want. If you can't agree how to play then don't play with each other and leave each other alone as there is nothing more to discuss.

  8. Never apologize to the Angry Twitter people. Ever. Never give them any type of ground. Never say you are sorry. Never give an inch. "We are taking your words into consideration" and repeat that ad nauseum as they move onto other things to be outraged over. 30 days, you have to wait them out 30 days and keep doing what you are doing before. Placation=Validation and you can see they will not stop, they never will stop, like sharks in the water sensing blood with ONE apology, no they want you, your platform, your business all put into the dumpster lit on fire and they can dance till they see a new target.

    Never Give an Inch with the woke brigade on Twitter.

  9. WOTC stop being cowards and stand by your properties.


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