Saturday, January 4, 2020

Spitballing a Weekly Video OSR Review Show - Looking for Feedback

As I've mentioned on the podcast side of things, I'm looking to start a weekly video review show. Most of the feedback I've gotten is steering me towards recent OSR releases, but I want some additional feedback, thus this post.

Here's where I'm at in my mind right now:

- 15 to 20 minutes per episode

- 1 to 2 releases per episode - DCC Lankmar would be solo, but might cover 2 adventures per video

- once a week - release on Wednesdays perhaps

- occasional deep tracks reviews, perhaps digging a game out of storage

- probably Youtube, but I'm open to other options

- would love to have a second host drop-in, but I don't see Hangouts as an option anymore.

If you have thoughts/critiques I'm all ears :)

Alright, today was a rough one sciatica-wise. Time to watch football from bed and drug up...

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