Thursday, January 2, 2020

Kickstarter - A System-Neutral TTRPG Adventure Designed by Backers

I am a huge supporter of Thom Wilson / Throwi Games for years now, and Thom's latest, A System-Neutral TTRPG Adventure Designed by Backers Kickstarter looks to be really cool.
In this Make/100 Project, backers will be able to pick the theme, antagonists, and some of the monsters in the adventure that I will custom-create for 100 people. Additionally, backers can sponsor art (including a custom cover piece by one of the artists I call on often for work), add additional pages, or back the project for the end result: a PDF adventure!
This is a very inexpensive Kickstarter to back. You can get the PDF for as low as 3 bucks.

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