Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Fucked Up Far West Kickstarter - You Can't Even Register on the Far West Forums and Gareth Won't Communicate via Kickstarter

Ah, Far West. I hardly know you after waiting over 8 fucking years. Yes, today is January 1st, 2020 and Far West is now over 8 years late. You really should listen to the video on the Kickstarter page. I just did. What promise. What a windbag of bullshit. Gareth is one of those creators that simply CAN'T CREATE when paid upfront. You need to pay folks like Gareth upon delivery. Few even remember the preorders on the Buckaroo Bonzai RPG (you might have expected Gareth to remove that page - I know I expected that) that predates Far West.

Now to put it simply, back in July Gareth told backers he was no longer going to use Kickstarter to communicate - it was simply going to be used to update material and such. If you wanted to talk about Far West, you would need to go to the Far West Forums, presumably so Gareth would be able to control the narrative and keep negative comments in check.

I figured after 5 1/2 months Kickstarter silence I'd register for the forums with a burner email and ask some questions. I mean, the forums are dead and even Gareth hasn't commented there in years. To my surprise, you can't even register for the forums, as you can see below:

I'm not sure if this is on purpose or not, but it is certainly "fucked up". It does keep negative comments on the forums side "in check" though.

Did I mention he's still Twittering?


  1. I've mostly followed this effort from a far, through your proxy Eric. What a mess. I recall something about a recent update from GS regarding his mental health. Reading his twitter is a train wreck, he must still be working out the 2016 election. 2020 may not be a good one for him. The KS video is indeed full of amazing promise. Have his collaborators been hiding out? What, if anything, have they said about this work? The scope of the promise may well have been his undoing. Didn't Cook promise much of the same with Ptolus? Well Ptolus was at least published, but are Cook's "forever support and expansion" though web properties and e-communication still a thing? 700 backers is a class-action suit, may not get anything back but pennies (after fees), but GS would be hard pressed to make a vigorous defense under oath in a disposition.

  2. After seeing his twitter feed I am sure as soon as he cures his TDS (around 2024), he might consider continuing work on Far West. "Insurgent creative - think big, be small, move fast". I sometimes wonder how people like this sleep or look in the mirror...

  3. Creating a Kickstarter project must have huge negative health effects.


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