Sunday, December 29, 2019

OSR Christmas, Day Three - Santa Opens the Rest of his Bag

I bet some of you thought I forgot about OSR Christmas Day Three. While life in The Tenkar Casa has gotten horribly busy (and I seem to have sinus issues that simply won't go away, I am here today with OSR Christmas Day Three :)

Below is the final listing of gifts. Any mistakes / omissions are mine and mine alone. Those receiving gifts have  5 days to claim their gifts (unclaimed gifts will be regifted ;) Cut off to enter the gift-giving for this post is January 3rd, 2020 at midnight. Gifts should be awarded the following day. Unclaimed gifts will be awarded on January 10th, 2020.  No, we are not wrapping up before the end of the year. Ah well, close ;)

Today's Gift Pool:

2 - Moon Wizard OSR Patchs by Thad Moore

1 - James Mishler Games "One of Everything" in PDF
       (19 titles in all)

From MonkeyBlood / Glynn Seal
 1 - The City of Great Lunden hardback plus Map Sets and Pregen
Character Cards (Print - Ships Worldwide)

 1 - HandyMaps Towns & Villages (Print - Ships World Wide)

 1 - Midderlands PDF

 1 - The City of Great Lunden PDF

Note - FOUR separate gifts from MonkeyBlood

From Genius Loci Games

1 - Pyramid of the Lost King (at cost Print on Demand)
2 - New Class Options (PDF)

From Roan Studios

Full Roan Studio (pdf) collection on Drive Thru RPG (15 titles) 
ALSO - an 8.5 x 11 (A4) custom map or character illustration (value $150 US)

1 - Far Realms and Sea of Stars (PDF) Harbinger Games

From BRW Games

1 bundle - Hard Copy & PDF of Castle of the Mad Archmage, plus the expansions; Level 3 East, Musicland, and Bitterbark's Circus. (note - ships US Only)

From Tenkar's Tavern / The Tavern Chat Podcast

2 - $10 DrivethruRPG Gift Certificates

Remember, comment before midnight, January 3rd for your chance to be gifted. You have five days to claim your gift.   Huge thanks to all who have donated.

Yes, there are affiliate links above. Affiliate links keep the taps flowing and the lights on at The Tavern. As always, I thank you.

Yes, I will address emails received and not yet answered tomorrow :)


  1. Count me in, good sir! Thanks for doing this, Erik!

  2. A nice third day of Christmas 2019!

  3. Thank you so much for putting this together!

  4. Good luck everyone and holidays! Go OSR Santa!

  5. As always, a happy new year of gaming and grognard fun to all denizens of the Tavern!

  6. 3rd time is the charm, right? Good luck all and have a great New Year!
    -Thanks Tenkar

  7. May 2020 be a better year for us all

  8. Awesome. Thanks for running this!

  9. Happy holidays, everyone! And thank you, Tenkar!

  10. Congratulations to all the winners!
    Merry Christmas.

  11. Merry Xmas to the whole damn tavern!

  12. Wow! Some amazing stuff there, I am in!!

  13. Is it a coincidence that "Happy New Year" and "Have a Cold Beer" rhyme? I think not! Happy Holidays to all at the Tavern! Thanks for your OSR Christmas Erik!

  14. Happy holidays to the entire Tavern!

  15. May St. Basil bless the crown of the year!

  16. Merry OSR Christmas! I hope it's been a great season for everyone!

  17. Merry Games-mas and Happy RPG New Year!

  18. Happy New Year! to all (and OSRMas Day 3)

    I just got back from vacation, but always happy to return to some other lands in RPG form :)

    Be careful all :)

  19. Good tidings to you, and all of your kin, good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  20. I'd like in, please. Happy New Year!

  21. Happy new year to all the Taverners!

  22. Comment, yes? :)
    Happiest of New Years to all!!

  23. Y'all are awesome for doing this!!


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