Monday, October 7, 2019

Reminder - Old School Fantasy Roleplaying Bundle - Two Days Left

Yep, this is a repost. There are two days left in the Old School Fantasy Roleplaying Bundle over on Humble Bundle. If you missed the earlier post, know about the bundle but haven't pulled the trigger yet or simply forgot, the time to wait is over. Heck, even a buck gets you some amazing books :)

This is probably the best and greatest Old School bundle anywhere - forget Bundle of Holding - the Humble Bundle - Old School Fantasy Roleplaying Bundle is what you want to grab!

Why? Well, if a picture says a thousand words, I've got a couple of thousand words for you ;)

Let's look at the One Dollar level. You get all the following for a buck:

All the above plus the following for Eight Bucks:

All the above and the following for 18 bucks:

I dare you to find more old school gaming value for your gaming dollar.

Yes, that's an affiliate link above. When you shop using The Tavern's affiliate links, a small portion of sales made go to support The Tavern. Huzzah! for beer ;)

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