Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Kickstarter - A Dozen Sinister Rumors, for use with Fantasy RPGs

I've enjoyed all of Phil Reed's Kickstarters. They are inexpensive and overflowing with ideas I can use in my RPG sessions. The fact that he keeps everything systemless is damn near priceless in my opinion. The A Dozen Sinister Rumors, for use with Fantasy RPGs Kickstarter, looks to be of the same high quality, and you can back it - with stretch goals - for a mere buck. How the hell do you beat that?
Each rumor is designed to fit on a single page (with artwork), so that you may print only the page that you need for your next game session. A Dozen Sinister Rumors comes in at 14 pages and includes -- as you may have guessed from the title -- twelve different rumors + a cover page and a page outlining the anatomy of a rumor (as well as tips on using the rumors in your game). 
The content is systemless and for use with any fantasy roleplaying game. 
What are the stretch goals?

A Dozen Sinister Rumors is currently sitting at $1200 with 9 days to go.

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