Thursday, September 5, 2019

Excellent Blog Post at Creative Mountain Games re:D&D Legacy

Mark over at Creative Mountain Games has an excellent blog post dealing with recent muckraking going on on a certain "gaming news site" that shall not be named for the same reason we do not say Candyman in the bathroom mirror three times - you just never know who you might summon.

The insight Mark has to the actual time in history is priceless, and I suggest you read his post. It's a different perspective then you are getting elsewhere.

Here's a small piece of Mark's article:
The author of the Gygax legacy "hatchet piece" and the more recent TSR "rift" piece came to Lake Geneva and tried to interview a number of people prior to the first article and most wouldn't speak with her.  It's my understanding Gary's widow was unaware this author seemingly had an agenda.  When that writer contacted me (she contacted lots of locals who were formerly in TSR or who are in the current gaming scene), I told her to feel free to come by the game store (figuring she would anyway and I'd rather be aware she was there) but told her I wasn't interested in being recorded or interviewed, though I was happy to talk to her, since she said she was a gamer.  It was very clear from the start she was asking leading questions and looking to find quotes and sound bites to further a predetermined narrative.  She hung out around twenty minutes or so and our conversation led me to believe her gaming background was with console and video games rather than tabletop games, though she had a smattering of TTRPG knowledge.  I was not looking forward to the article given my experience talking to the author.  The second "rift" article just confirmed what we already knew from the first piece.
Read the full piece. Comment over on the Creative Mountain Games blog. It's posts like Mark's that will help put some balance back in place.

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