Friday, September 6, 2019

A Look at Gamers+ - The RPGs Tabletop Network

The death of Google+ certainly left a gaping hole in the social circles of many an OSR gamer. While Facebook certainly has an OSR presence and MeWe was happy to make the Google+ refugees feel at home as best it could, there are many that just don't feel comfortable with Facebook and don't like the feel of MeWe.

Which brings us to Gamers+. I'm not so sure I want to call it a "social network" as there are no cat pictures in your feed and the talk is pretty much strictly gaming. The network's population is small, but it does have an active feed linking blog posts and vidcasts from various gaming sources. Heck, their official Discord Server is the Tenkar's Tavern Discord Server. It tickles me pink, it does ;)

Hmm, maybe they could add an "Audio Section" and we could get some OSR podcast feeds lined up. that would be an amazing resource. Hint, hint!

The thing is, to reach its full potential, it needs members. Growth is slow but steady, but I'm hoping this post will give Gamers+ a burst of growth. Can't hurt, right?

The Gamers+ OSR Community is currently at 25 members. We should be able to double that in a day or so, right? ;)


  1. Thanks Tenkar. All of the blogs, podcasts, video channels, etc in our RSS feed are the work of Gamer+ Gamers. And we do have a podcast section with many top OSR podcasts including Follow Me and Die, Hobbs & Friends, Radio Grognard, The Crusader, and Save Or Die. Which bring me to the point. What is the link to your podcast so I can add it too. I have your Tenkar's Tavern Blog in out blog section but I noticed no podcast. If you have more than one let me know. Email hairylarry@gmail.com, respond on Gamer+, or here, but email is best. Thanks

  2. Ok then, after I added the comment above and went back to Gamer+ I realized what you were talking about. No high profile link to Gamer+ Podcasts. So I added Podcasts to the menu and made a feed with just podcasts for the top of that page. Then I added some other feed related stuff that is buried in the footer to give all that a little bit higher profile too.

    And, by the way, I read your post when I clicked on View last 60 items here in the footer. To me this is one of the best features of Gamer+.


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