Monday, April 22, 2019

Kickstarter - RPG Random Encounter Dice (New Comet Games)

"Easy to use Random Encounter Dice for your Fantasy RPG game. Usable with 5E, PF, B/X, S&W, 1E/2E, DCC and more."

Dice. The final frontier.

Seriously, one thing I can never seem to have enough of is dice. Weird sizes, strange colors, unexpected uses - I have all types.

New Comet Games is tossing a new idea (at least to me) onto the table. RPG Random Encounter Dice.
RPG Random Encounter Dice are the perfect tool when you need a new monster to fill in on the fly during a game, when building your dungeon or populating a full world.  
Each die has 10 different monsters grouped into similar monster categories.   
Each set includes 3 different dice for 30 different monsters. The complete collection includes 12 different 10 sided dice for 120 Unique Monster Outcomes!
A complete collection of all 4 sets is 30 bucks (and includes a bonus die). A single set is 9 bucks. Decisions, decisions...

1 comment:

  1. It looks like they used Google search results for the pictures of the monster types. Hopefully they have rites to all of those pictures.


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