Thursday, April 25, 2019

Kickstarter - Paths: World of Adia tabletop RPG

"Paths: World of Adia is a tabletop RPG that supports both classic Game Master group play and Solo Gameplay."

I've interviewed members of Smunchy Games on the Tavern Chat Podcast and we've spoken about the Paths: World of Adia Kickstarter. Here are the links to the interviews:




I'm intrigued. Paths can be run both with and without a GM. That is a bold move and one I fully support. Who hasn't had an RPG session where no one wanted to GM. Now you have an option. Heck, you can even play solo:
The world of Adia needs adventurers, and understands the limits players have in their personal lives. We’ve developed a system where players can play together, even without a Game Master. Branching choices and required checks are handled within the module itself. This allows for groups or a single player to interact with the world and progress even when real life gets in the way.
I think the sweet points to back are 80 bucks (includes the "GM in a Box" cards) and 110 (which adds in a hardcover module).

I'll probably be in for 110 myself. I may need to go back to work to supplement my Kickstart habit ;)

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