Saturday, April 27, 2019

Kickstarter - The Koryo Hall of Adventures 5e Compatible Campaign Setting

"A new campaign setting compatible with Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition (5e) based on Korean locations, myths, and legends."

One of the most overlooked Asian themed settings in RPGs is Korean. As someone that used to work in and lives near Flushing, NY - often called the second largest "Korea Town" in the United States, I've always been intrigued with Korean history and myths since childhood, having Korean classmates throughout my public school education. To have an RPG setting that covers such background I find pretty exciting. And thus we have The Koryo Hall of Adventures Kickstarter.
In the Koryo Hall of Adventures campaign setting, you can explore four uniquely detailed lands within the continent of Jeosung. Roam the mystical forest wilderness of Haguiliesta or head to the city and meddle in the mercenary politics of Daewanguk. Heroes (or fools) may attempt to infiltrate the hermit kingdom of Haenamguk or brave the frigid peaks of Noonnara. 
You want more? How about taking part in a pilgrimage along the crest of Wunü Mountain, or exploring the eternally dark swampy forest of Hugakneup? You could also participate in the famous Cave Games under Cheonsanju mountain, or even trade grains and brewed alcohols  along the Chassalgil trade route.
Heck, you  can even sample before putting your hard money down:
Would you like to sample the setting? Setting creator Aurélien Lainé has written five free adventures set in Jeosung, containing just enough hints of the campaign world to get a good taste. Best of all, they're available as a free pdf download on his website.
The sweet spot is 35 bucks for the print plus PDF.

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  1. This does sound very cool. But does it have anything on the mystical martial art of Sinanju?


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